WhatsApp introduces chat filter in its business app.

In its newest addition to the Wats app feature, a chat filter could soon be coming up in Watsapp. It will especially be for the Business app for Android and soon chatting will also be a new option on the business app. Will the filter available on the other apps? As of now it will only be available on the Wats app for business app and nowhere else. The users…

May 11, 2018

Messaging apps to offer services beyond the normal texting and messaging

Now Messaging apps such as Watsapp,We chat,Snap chat are going to offer more than the platter.It is going to go beyond the mundane services such as texting,messaging,calling and video chatting to offer beyond the ordinary.   What’s in store?   The Messaging apps are going to offer various other services such as online digital payments,online shopping and various content features.   It sure is going to be a boon for…

January 29, 2018

Watsapp Business to launch new service:For small business.

In what could be a big boost for the small business in the country,Watsapp is soon launching a new service for small businesses.An earlier app launched only for individuals it is now foraying in the Watsapp service genre which can be very helpful for the payments and also for the consumers also.   Initially the focus of the firm is to bring the business on the platform for free and…

January 19, 2018