The Walmart-Flipkart deal. The major takeaways from it.

The Walmart Flip kart deal marks the biggest deals of all times in the e-commerce industry and one of the most revolutionary deals of all times. The Arkansas based global retail giant has finalized a definitive agreement, which will become the largest shareholder in the Flip kart group. The deal is one of the biggest deals in the e-commerce industry and is estimated to be around 4200 billion which will…

May 11, 2018

Walmart and Flip kart deal: What’s your Wish list?

The biggest e-commerce deal of all time is all set to be made what with the Walmart INC offering as much as 86% of India’s largest retailer online. The deal is expected to be signed as early on as next week and it will one of the most historic deals of all time. It will buy as much as around 86% of the online deal in Flip kart and it…

April 24, 2018