Booming real estate markets in America

The real estate sector has been on upward spree and one of the most sought-after markets in AMERICA. Plenty of the metropolitan areas have been hot markets in North America and are scaling new heights in the property markets and are experiencing a great big investment for the real estate boom market. Below are the 15 cities which are worth considering for the real estate market- Downtown LA Earlier counted…

April 4, 2018

Why is the United States and the world turning hostile to the Indian professional?

Given the recent news that Trump has been imposing a lot of visa restrictions on the Indian professionals it is no wonder that other countries will likely follow suit. Why? The United States is the world’s largest economy and the repercussions of what happens in the Big Apple directly affects the rest of the world. The States has already imposed restriction on the coveted H1-B visa which is a direct…

April 3, 2018

Indian professionals hold peaceful rally’s to end the Green card regime in America.

The debate of the Indian immigrants has long been in the eye of the storm lately and is grabbing eyeballs for the all the wrong reasons. The massive green card backlogs has been put the Indian professionals in a soup in the current dominance of the American Administration and are asking the government to take measures on the same.   They are demanding to end the visa regime and the…

March 21, 2018

Which are the 10 best cities in America with the highest and lowest satisfaction.

Thanks to a robust economy and a well paying job sanctification scenario,the US economy looks back on track as there have been growing and booming salaries along with a lot of satisfaction for the employees.   An employment research and review site found out about its satisfactory index and scored a 5 point.It was based on various reviews and whether the employees feel where they are being equally compensated for…

March 15, 2018

Which are the most expensive buildings in the world?

World class architecture has long drawn many audiences since world over and has always fascinated people and the countries alike.   We take a look at some of the world class buildings around the world-   Marina Bay Sands-   Singapore’s Marina Bay sands has been a much sought after architectural marvel and one of the most top spots in Singapore.The Marina Bay sands is the World’s most largest pool…

March 14, 2018

Which are the best and the worst airlines in the USA in the year 2018?

A research based agency in the US the points guy recently released a report studying the best airlines in the states and giving a ranking to each one of them. They did an annual study of the biggest airlines in the United States,and a different scoring system was announced for the different airlines bases on the services they offer and the proportional scores they offer.   The study analyses on…

March 8, 2018

Trump and his trading woes.

President Trump regularly uses phrases such as catastrophe and disaster to manage things such as the trade war deficit.   There is a growing nation’s trade deficit and one needs to be sure about the ever growing trade off between the goods.However in the economy there is a huge gap between the value of goods and which are imported and at the same time exported.   Last year it was…

March 8, 2018

Trump’s Top economic adviser, Gary Cohn is exiting from the White House.

In what seems to be a drastic change of sorts in the administration of the White House department,Trump’s top economic adviser is quitting from the Trump administration.   Gary Cohn, who is Trump’s top economic adviser and also a former sales executive is having an exit from the White House following some issues on the same.   What are the reasons for Cohn’s resignation?   A lot of unnecessary ups…

March 7, 2018

School safety bill introduced by Senators in response to Parkland shooting.

The Parkland shooting was one of the most horrific of shootings in the history of modern America.There have been mass protests and rally’s against the gun laws and people have remained on the divided views on the same.   President Donald Trump has strongly condemned the protests and spoken at length of the horrific gun shootings in America.There have been various discussion held in the Senate regarding the same and…

March 6, 2018

Which are the best states in America?

America is a land of many opportunists and the land of big states.Most of the countries there are well-developed and carry a much acquired status between them.   Many Americans also take pride in saying that it is their home and that they consider some of them as their best states.   NOW THERE HAS been a survey carried out that which are the best states in the USA which…

March 1, 2018