Twitter changes policy to tackle the abusive trolls.

Internet trolling has become a very common factor what with the explosion of social media and digitization. But that does not mean that you can use it as a powerful weapon and use it for a misuse purpose. Twitter on Tuesday revised its new policy for handling the social media tools and tackling online trolls. It will be revamping the strategy for handling of the new twitter trolls and tackling…

May 17, 2018

Why is Twitter asking the users to change the passwords?

A new update on Twitter sent everyone in a tizzy this Friday morning when people logged in to the new Facebook feed. They wrote on a micro blogging website to change their news feed. This was not in the least expected by anybody as the recent scandal of Facebook which had rocked the world due to data breach and analytics. To avoid any kind of security glitches and have a…

May 4, 2018

Twitter has been upgraded! Want to know the new features?

The most famous social media handle next to Facebook has been updated with new and improved features to make for a great user experience for you. It will soon foray its aggressive news policy and will soon launch its new and improved features to improve the overall timeline features. It will highlight the links which are shared by your network and upgrade your home timeline and Buzz feed news. It…

May 2, 2018

Parkland conspiracy the most trending topic online after video of survivor.

A conspiracy video about a survivor shooter was uploaded about the Parkland shootings.But the video would become so viral was never thought by anybody.   Almost a thousand algorithms ensured that the video becomes viral and almost millions of people see it. On Wednesday the You tube was trending on the top spot for the most trending videos online.It also highlighted a conspiracy video highlighting the survivor of the of…

February 23, 2018

How has Social Media changed the world of hiring?

The eruption of social media has completely changed the way people communicate with each other. Earlier it was only a medium for communicating with long lost friends and sharing photos. But now it has changed the way how the corporate world functions. What started as an informal way of communicating with people has evolved into a more formal way and the most popular way for businesses to connect with people….

November 28, 2017

Pour out to your Heart’s content!!! Twitter officially doubles its Tweet limit to 280 characters for all the users.

Now express yourself to the fullest as Twitter is expanding its character limit. Twitter made a surprising announcement on the 8th of November that it is increasing the official tweet limit of its characters to 280.The crammed characters were already being an issue and this announcement of Twitter sent a delight wave among Twitter ties. These updates of Twitter will be applicable to the six regional languages supported on the…

November 9, 2017