India to seek help from the WTO on the issues of multilateral trade and how to carry out the same.

President Donald Trump has been in the eye of the storm ever since his Presidential election and he has been selected as the President of America.He has always been in the discussions ever since he has taken up the topics of immigration,world politics and America First policy.   A lot of counties in the east and the west have been suffered on the same.And this also includes India on the…

March 19, 2018

America’s Tarrifs war and how will they affect you.

President Donald Trump has been in the eye of the storm ever since gaining president ship in the year 2016.He has been very upfront of the views regarding immigration,America first policy,Buy American and Hire American and has been very vocal about restricting the immigrants from entering America.   Now he has drawn another ire in the loop saying that he wants to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum.The effect would…

March 6, 2018

Florida SCHOOL shooting.Is gun ownership in US responsible the shooting outrages?

Terror returned once again to the Florida region of the United States as an ex- student,Nicolas Cruz went on a shooting spree in a school in Florida.It was one of the largest schools in the States.     He opened fire on Wednesday killing 17 people as he has been expelled by the school for disciplinary reasons. He showed up at the end of the school day with a semi-automatic…

February 15, 2018

USA stares at curve in the money market.What exactly is it?

President Donald Trump after attaining the office has taken over the revamping of the economy.His policies are targeted towards the fact that Buy American and Hire American policies and it has been his foremost agenda after coming to power.   And for that he has also brought into account certain various procedures and a lot of changes in the H1-B visa rules.   How has it proved beneficial for the…

December 27, 2017

World Bank withdraws its stance to finance oil from 2019

World Bank has added a new clause in its operation from exactly one year from now.It will stop financing oil and gas projects as clean energy building is the need of the day and this will be one of the move towards it.   The announcement was made on Tuesday at One Planet Summit in Paris,France on December 12 2017.The main propaganda of this Summit was to give a dramatic…

December 13, 2017

Donald Trump officially welcomed to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan.

US President Donald Trump is on an official 5 country trip visit to Asian countries which includes Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. He is meeting the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo and later he will meet the Japanese Emperor Akihito at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. He started off the conversation with the highly sensitive issue of trade with different business…

November 6, 2017