The field of AI faces an overall global skill shortage according to a research by Microsoft.

Artificial intelligence the term which has caught everyone’s fancy and is a new and emerging sector which is showing tremendous potential and a scope of growth. New and improved technologies are slowly paving the way for the more improved lot of new and improved methodologies and are surely going to be a path-breaking phenomenon. But are the developments in technologies keeping up with the demands in the skills needed to…

May 15, 2018

India all set to launch its first AR headset.Will it overtake the global giants like Microsoft,Apple and Magic Leap.

As various tech experts await the launch of Microsoft HoloLens in India,a start-up has come in place in it with what it can claim everything and can soon be a big launch pad for everything.It has Microsoft’s most preferred augmented reality and the headset can do much better for the same.   What does the machine do?   It provides the user with the 35 degree view of the field…

March 21, 2018

Apple being scrutinized for moving I cloud DATA to China.

This move of Apple of moving I cloud data to China is being carefully scrutinized by the piracy advocates and all the human rights groups.It also has them worried a lot.   The company is moving the I Cloud Registered in the areas of Mainland China where there are state-run-up Chinese servers along with the digital keys needed to unlock them.   The changes which are currently being made are…

February 28, 2018

GST brings in new benefits. New innovation for tech giant Microsoft.

GST was a well trending term in the year 2017.It changed the way businesses functioned and also changes the common man’s way of spending patters.It caused a whole new way of financial know-how and people differed in the way they started spending right from their essentials to their savings.   The impact of GST –   The impact of GST had been manifold and is going to experience a tremendous…

December 19, 2017