Delhi Smog woes-It is more than the eye can see or FEEL!

The pollution levels in Delhi have reached at an alarming rate. It is getting worsening day by day and the residents are now worried to even venture out in masks as they are no longer going to be sustainable to the alarming at which the pollutions levels are increasing. The rising air pollution levels have made Delhi, almost a poisonous habitat to live and work. The increasing health problems are…

November 13, 2017

Winter’s approaching –Take care of yourself and protect yourself from the pollution.

So everyone, with winter fast approaching and the dip in the mercury levels increasing day by day it’s time to take out your woollies and protect yourself from the chili colds. You will protect yourself from the cold winds all right but what about the pollution outside, and on the roads? Winter is typically that time of the year when the levels of smoke penetrate in the air even more…

November 7, 2017