THE US tightens visa rules to curb the overstay by students.

There seems to be no end in sight as to the problems of the never-ending visa norms and regulations. The Trump administration is leaving no stone upturned in creating stricter norms and regulations so that the immigrants are not giving access in the United States of America and curbing immigration. On the 11TH of May the Trump administration drafted a new policy where it was written it was tightening the…

May 14, 2018

H1-B visa-Indians issues the highest number of visas in the last two years.

Citizens applying for the coveted H1-B visa to realize their American dream is not something new. Since the time it was issued the number has been constantly on the rise and it has reached at an all-time peak The latest statistics also show that the number of the H1-B visas issues were the highest especially from the Asian regions, specifically from India and China. China however ranks second that is…

May 8, 2018

The debate for the H4 visa holders. Where does it lies now?

The ongoing debate on the H1-B visa has brought forth to light some new and developing issues and is now being reconsidered. The H1-B visa has become a matter of a huge debate since the newly minted stringent laws and procedures. The Trump administration plans to change the system of the H1-B visa following various changes in the visa implementation. What was the H4 visa implementation all about? During the…

May 7, 2018

The US lawmakers, Facebook and almost the entire IT industry oppose the Trump administration ban.

The most influential lawmakers related to the American IT industry have opposed to the Trump administration ban, where he has proposed to withdraw the H1-4 visa says it bans the spouses of the H1-B visa holders to work there. Top companies reacted the statement saying it will not be conducive for the growth of the IT industry and the Silicon Valley and it will also be hurtful to the…

April 26, 2018

The END of the road for H1-4 visa holders.

In what may seem as the final blow of the Trump administration, the work permit may end altogether for the H1-4 visa holders which may put the plans of thousands of H1-4 dependents in a jeopardy. What does the law say? The law says that none of the H1-4 holders will be able to work, or set up a small business, which may be as simple as running a creche,…

April 25, 2018

US suspends premium processing temporarily of the H1-b visa.

The popular H1-B visa the most preferred among the Indian IT professionals is soon witnessing a makeover of sorts. The US Government has now decided to suspend the petitions for some time beginning October 2018. What is the H1-b visa? The H1 is the most popular visa among the Indian IT professionals, who can acquire employment over there and achieve their American dream of working in the States. However, the…

April 10, 2018

Trump effect-H1-B filings set to drop this year by the Indian IT companies.

The Trump effect is soon to be experienced for everyone especially the Indian professional and the Indian companies. The immigration experts are of the view that there could be a sharp decline in the number of applications and due to the tough environment, which Trump has created under his administration. When do the next filings begin? The next filings will begin around April 2nd onward but this time the response…

April 4, 2018

Why is the United States and the world turning hostile to the Indian professional?

Given the recent news that Trump has been imposing a lot of visa restrictions on the Indian professionals it is no wonder that other countries will likely follow suit. Why? The United States is the world’s largest economy and the repercussions of what happens in the Big Apple directly affects the rest of the world. The States has already imposed restriction on the coveted H1-B visa which is a direct…

April 3, 2018

The H1-B visa spouses make the US more attractive place to work

The proposal of the Trump administration to withdraw the provision of giving the work permits to the spouses of the H1-B visa workers will make America more less attractive and will drain out talent from the country. A very influential US American body mentioned this recently striking on the inevitable and speaking on a lot of issues.The US immigration advocacy body mentioned this.The policy is effective from the time of…

March 30, 2018