The field of AI faces an overall global skill shortage according to a research by Microsoft.

Artificial intelligence the term which has caught everyone’s fancy and is a new and emerging sector which is showing tremendous potential and a scope of growth. New and improved technologies are slowly paving the way for the more improved lot of new and improved methodologies and are surely going to be a path-breaking phenomenon. But are the developments in technologies keeping up with the demands in the skills needed to…

May 15, 2018

Artificial Intelligence and talent acquisition: How both can go hand in hand?

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as the leading digital disruption technology, which helps the company cut the various costs, increase productivity and project a great customer experience. So how can you use Artificial intelligence for correct talent acquisition process? Workforce productivity is a very important factor for companies to stay in the right talent process and get hired the right talent. So, over the years the companies are increasingly being engaged…

April 11, 2018

Artificial intelligence could help the astronomers predict the probability of life on other planets.

Artificial intelligence is the latest buzz word which has been entering in our lives. It gives the much-required leeway to make our lives so much easier and save our time. Now another research has come into the fore that soon artificial intelligence could soon predict the probability of life on other planets. It will also help predict the probability of life. The new data could also find and plan new…

April 5, 2018

Internet penetration is on the rise in India but the rural urban divide remains the same.

India is spreading,India is riding and there is a lot of scope for future development opportunities,but there still remains a very huge divide on the rural urban scenario and also many large pockets still suffer from a large part of lack of information network.   What is the situation in the metro cities and other important cities?   In the metro cities the buzzwords are artificial intelligence and Block chain,but…

March 20, 2018

Break through technologies for the year 2018-

Technology is soon going through a drastic change and it is poised to reach for the highest avenues what with big data,IOT making big strides in the economy. What are the new technologies  you will eventually see making big strides in the technology sector.They are-   3D metal printing has brought a different ease to design and prototyping.The advances in technology means that metal fabrication is an easy process and…

February 28, 2018

How can Artificial intelligence help brands to get the required recognition?

AI the term which has been done to death by almost all of the marketeers and is now a very common buzzword.IT has been long been a matter of discussion as to how AI can actually leverage the brands and make them realize their full potential.   AI marketing can now be used for mass adoption and it has tremendous uses also.However there are concrete four things which AI can…

February 27, 2018

The concept of Market Automation in the age of Artificial intelligence.

Over the years Market Automation has evolved tremendously.Earlier it was something which was not an essential strategy to have but over the years t has been a must to have marketing strategy.Marketers use this kind of data to traditionally mark this kind of data integration to identify the buyer personas and then create the look alike profiles. And id AI is applied to the market automation,we can take it to…

February 23, 2018

Why should India embrace Artificial intelligence,block-chain and robots.

There is an increasing demand of a fourth industrial revolution in India what with the rise in Artificial Intelligence,Block-chain and also robots.   Machine learning has reached the highest level of thought and it is about time that people embrace the machine learning phenomenon.   How is it leading to a fourth industrial revolution?   The traditional manufacturing and the service oriented industries are being highlighted in such a manner…

February 22, 2018

Google to create an AI system which can predict heart diseases by looking at the eye retina.

Researchers at Google are doing the unthinkable.Yes they are making a technology related to artificial intelligence which can predict something very very serious-a likelihood that a patient will suffer a heat attack. The findings were based when the researchers were made these examinations by observing the images of a retina.   They also made a Revelation that whether the patient will suffer a stroke or an attack.   What’s in…

February 21, 2018

Consumer Tech buzz words for 2018.

  There are some of the consumer terms which will keep on buzzing for the year considering the hype around them.   You may also have heard these terms before but what do these terms actually imply we will map them out for you.   It may take on a whole new meaning when it comes to apply them.   We take a look at some of the consumer buzzwords-…

February 14, 2018