Its OFFICIAL! Walmart buys 77% of the stake in Flip kart.

In what can be called the world’s largest e-commerce deal, US retail biggie has acquired Flip kart in a 77% of the stake and sealed the deal for the largest e-commerce magnum opus. With nearly 20 months of talks coming to an end the meet has been a fruitful one and surely turned out to be one of the most lucrative deals of all time. Walmart has zoomed passed rival…

May 10, 2018

The world is all set to witness the biggest deal of all times. Flipkart v/s the Walmart deal.

It will soon be a clash of the two biggies of the retail world where it soon witnesses something big and new. The E-commerce sector will soon experience a new wave of innovation as Walmart and Flipkart are all set to enter a deal with each other and create an iconic retail growth. The stage is set for Walmart to announce the purchase of a majority stake in Flipkart a…

May 9, 2018

The Amazon forecast-The E-commerce giant has been growing exponentially.

It is good news on the front for the e-commerce biggie that is Amazon as it is expecting high growth forecasts for the straight second quarter. The second forecast period topped the growth for its second quarter. The main reason for this are the number of Amazon Prime subscribers coupled with a prime computing division. It will also be a big move to launch a lot of more corporate customers….

April 27, 2018

Amazon launched Echo dot Kids.

Amazon now heads to the kid’s room. Adding one more feather to its innovative cap, Amazon has introduced the Amazon Echo Dot kids which is the smaller version of Amazon Echo. It has now recently released a kid friendly version of its popular smart speaker, which features its voice assistant Amazon Alexa. It has the same features which are like the one of AMAZON Alexa and has everything the same…

April 27, 2018

Amazon now delivers the goods to the trunk of your car.

Amazon, the Seattle based e-commerce biggie never ceases to stop the people from the pace of innovations it wants to create. It has been a pioneer of innovations right since its inception and it has only been improving its innovative concepts for the same. Be it introducing the Kindle, or the Amazon Echo or the Alexa. Now Amazon has added one more feather to its cap and that is delivering…

April 25, 2018

Amazon working on its next digital revolution: Robots for your home.

US E-commerce biggie Amazon has been on the forefront for their rise in the innovations and improvement in almost everything. Some of the most recent innovations have been the Kindle and the Echo. Both have been on the forefront of the innovations and have changes the way people read or use the technology. Echo was introduced recently and has urged millions of people of have a digital upswing of sorts….

April 24, 2018

Amazon India: The largest products sold on the e-commerce platform are groceries and cosmetics.

The E-commerce market is big, and it is getting huge day by day. As people shop more and more online due to time constraints and since it is more affordable e-commerce biggies are betting big on the entire market. And the front runner in this is Amazon the US e-commerce major. The India unit of Amazon also mentioned that groceries and cosmetics are one of the largest markets for India…

April 23, 2018

Amazon is the fastest growing market place in India.

E-commerce is fast growing in India. One of the main reason is the large number of population and an ever-increasing young population and simultaneously the rising demand for it. So, it comes as no surprise that one of the biggest America’s retail giants AMAZON has the largest market in India. The Seattle based company is now routing for India as its most in-demand market in the retail space and the…

April 19, 2018

Amazon to soon make international shopping easier.

E-commerce shopping is no longer a distant dream for many for people. Now, the world’s famous and the biggest e-commerce giant has decided to go on for a revamp which will be easier to communicate and to make any digital payments. To make shopping easier for its customers they have introduced several polices and changes suitable according to the settings introduced. Amazon changes The changes have been going to make…

April 18, 2018

Next blow to the Postal services- Trump orders a review on it after attacking Amazon.

In his newest attack on Amazon, Trump has asked for a search on the Federal task force to investigate for the Postal services finances. He is also very unhappy the way Amazon is handling the postal services. Trump is of the view that Amazon is taking undue advantage of the services and the US citizens are losing in the same. Is not the postal servers government services agency? The postal…

April 17, 2018