Don’t Buy a Car yet, Indian Government Has an Exciting Offer to Make for the Electric Cars

We all need to dispose of oil-based products due to the contamination; it’s our number one enemy. For the younger generation, today is an entire no. It’s obsolete and when we have something better way to go for a pollutant. In any case, in the present situation, electric vehicles can be your best choice as it can help in making some great savings and contribute to a better environment. Furthermore,…

June 28, 2018

Winter’s approaching –Take care of yourself and protect yourself from the pollution.

So everyone, with winter fast approaching and the dip in the mercury levels increasing day by day it’s time to take out your woollies and protect yourself from the chili colds. You will protect yourself from the cold winds all right but what about the pollution outside, and on the roads? Winter is typically that time of the year when the levels of smoke penetrate in the air even more…

November 7, 2017