Which are India’s cleanest cities? We take a look.

Who would not like their city to be called as the cleanest city? After all it’s a matter of pride and immense happiness to be known as one of the cities which you stay in is to be called as the cleanest cities. The Swach Survekshan was conducted for the year 2018 and it has some very new and upcoming results to be announced. It was the first ever pan…

May 17, 2018

What makes the newly launched smart phone Honor 10 click?

Smartphones have become a well-defined norm for today’s netizens. You can practically do everything on your phone now-a-days. Right from paying the bills, to booking to sending emails it has become a routine for us to do everything on your phone. NOW KEEPING IN MIND WITH THE NETIZENS psychology, Apple is launching a new phone called Honor 10, which is likely to be a hit with the buyers due to…

May 16, 2018

India’s smartphone growth market likely to be in double digits in the year 2018.

Smart phones have now become a default thing in today’s world. One cannot even imagine about not having a smartphone and one of the most demanding things. So as is likely the Indian mobile consumer market is going to show a double digital growth. And more so in the year 2018.Back on the popularity of the smartphones and the rising consumer demand, the focus is now to make the phones…

May 15, 2018

Sachin Bansal: The man who re-defined the face of E-commerce.

It was the year 2007, when e-commerce was taking baby steps and the concept was practically new and emerging to the Indian diaspora. At that time an e-commerce start-up was planned and soon it revolutionized the way people shopped. At that time Flip-kart was only limited to the books section. Soon he ventured out to other products and segments such as accessories, clothes, apparels soon Flip-kart became a huge e-commerce…

May 14, 2018

The world is all set to witness the biggest deal of all times. Flipkart v/s the Walmart deal.

It will soon be a clash of the two biggies of the retail world where it soon witnesses something big and new. The E-commerce sector will soon experience a new wave of innovation as Walmart and Flipkart are all set to enter a deal with each other and create an iconic retail growth. The stage is set for Walmart to announce the purchase of a majority stake in Flipkart a…

May 9, 2018

Demand for media professionals is on the rise.

The year 2018 witnesses a lot of positive hiring in the job employment market. It has also been on a positive note with the overall hiring taking a big step in the rising job index market. The petrochemicals and infrastructure sectors emerged as top contenders for the job market and employment generators. Construction and manufacturing emerged as the top sectors for hiring and gained as a significant gain. Who are…

May 8, 2018

Cap Gemini employees Twitter rant sends social media in a tizzy.

It’s the appraisal season. The season where every employee is waiting with a lot of hope for his ‘her salary increments and is positive and hopeful of the same. However, when you are not met with the required hike it can dash your hopes as a lot of dreams are today dependent on your source of income and savings. Many of them also have bigger liabilities of buying or paying…

May 2, 2018

Revolutionary move -All Indian household to have electricity by the year end.

In a biggest revolutionary move of sorts the Government has assured its citizens that it will have access to the electricity points and will completely solve the problem of reaching the electricity to the villages. All the villages have been provided with electricity and this has been an historic move of sorts. According to the Government the target was set around in 2015 and the Government is confident of providing…

May 2, 2018

The Business of Bollywood: Are biopics the new money-making machine?

We are a Bollywood and a cricket obsessed country. If there is anything new and trending it will immediately be lapped up by the audiences and enjoyed it at the same time. Now a trend of sorts has been started in Indian Film Industry and that is the trend of biopics.it primarily started from the Hockey aficionado, Milkha Singh and further gave rise to a lot of biopics. It is…

April 26, 2018

Some of the E-commerce buyers get fake products.

E-commerce has totally changed the way a person shops and buys things for himself. You can sit in the comfort of your homes and shop for your most favourite products and look for other options which are available online. However, there is one niggling problem which persists and that is of counterfire products. It is one of the most persistent problems one can still encounter and two of the most…

April 24, 2018