Don’t Buy a Car yet, Indian Government Has an Exciting Offer to Make for the Electric Cars

We all need to dispose of oil-based products due to the contamination; it’s our number one enemy. For the younger generation, today is an entire no. It’s obsolete and when we have something better way to go for a pollutant. In any case, in the present situation, electric vehicles can be your best choice as it can help in making some great savings and contribute to a better environment. Furthermore,…

June 28, 2018

Infosys launches Block chain solutions for tackling trade finance.

In an innovation of sorts Infosys has launched Block chain solutions for handling trade finance, which will be document tracking system. It will be merging the solutions with the top private sector banks in the country which will be Axis Bank ICICI Bank Kotak Mahindra YES bank. It will one of a kind solution for tracking of the trade finance and it will help the banks to track the documents…

May 17, 2018

The new direct tax code: What do you need to know?

The Government is now proposing a new direct tax code which will be effective only from the month of July. There will be new structures and the move is to re-define the previous tax codes to bring about streamlining of the various taxes. What is exactly the new direct tax code? The government is drafting a new tax code under which there will be numerous changes included. It will replace…

May 16, 2018

The Young and the restless 20 something workforce want more than just a pay check. We take a look.

What do normally a young graduate foresee? Once after immediately finishing his/her job the standard route to taking up a corporate job and a straight ticket to your pay check. While it is more than important than a stable salary is the straightway to pay your bills, now the young breed is more than willing to sacrifice their pay check to explore something new and wait for the cash registers…

May 15, 2018

Its OFFICIAL! Walmart buys 77% of the stake in Flip kart.

In what can be called the world’s largest e-commerce deal, US retail biggie has acquired Flip kart in a 77% of the stake and sealed the deal for the largest e-commerce magnum opus. With nearly 20 months of talks coming to an end the meet has been a fruitful one and surely turned out to be one of the most lucrative deals of all time. Walmart has zoomed passed rival…

May 10, 2018

India’s pollution woes-Are Green Buildings the solution?

There seems to be no end in sight for India’s pollution problems. Despite various sustainable efforts by the Government, there seemed to be no positive end on the same. It also has future like building various housing projects and provide smart cities which will prove to be very beneficial in the future. However, while implementing the same they will have to counter numerous environmental hazards and issues such as rising…

May 4, 2018

Fat salaries at the IIMs? Seems to be the trend no more.

Earlier an entry into one of the most coveted institutes of the country was a matter of pride for the person who took up would be straight ticket to the highly admired and respected job which one could earn and a straight entry to the galaxy of the corporate world. But now it no longer seems to be a unique idea at all. Since the times are changing and…

April 26, 2018

Swiggy shifts focus to medicines and groceries.

Swiggy your go to name while ordering any kind of food and delivery app is now foraying into the medicine and the groceries which you will be able to order as and when you need it. The top food delivery app is now looking to foray into the delivery of medicines and groceries store and looking to expand their operations furthermore. They want to boost the volume on its magnanimous…

April 26, 2018

Reliance launches Apple watch series. Will start selling it from May onwards.

The most sought after digital watch in the world which was everyone’s favorite is now going to get a competitor. The Apple watch 3 which was launched in the period late last year, will finally make its entry into the Indian cellular market. As everyone is waiting with patience for the launch it will a different game changer of sorts for the Indian market The per-registration for the Apple watch…

April 25, 2018

Agri App- Bridging the gap between agriculture and technology.

India is largely an agrarian economy and most of the population depends on the agriculture methodologies. Despite this, the technological gap persists and is always responsible for the low crop yields. So, what is the main reason for this? The main reason for this is not that farmers are not working well enough but most of the times they are not aware of the high rated practices and thorough knowledge…

April 23, 2018