Which are India’s cleanest cities? We take a look.

Who would not like their city to be called as the cleanest city? After all it’s a matter of pride and immense happiness to be known as one of the cities which you stay in is to be called as the cleanest cities.

The Swach Survekshan was conducted for the year 2018 and it has some very new and upcoming results to be announced.

It was the first ever pan India exercise to be conducted to study the cleanliness around the city and access the places in the urban areas. The results have been announced by the Union Minister for Housing and Finance. The survey was carried out in around 4203 cities to judge on various parameters.

It was announced by the sanitation survey and the housing and the urban affairs ministry. It also covered 4203 municipalities in India.

Indore has been retained as the title of the cleanest city in the country.

Bhopal comes next.

While Chandigarh comes third.

Ghaziabad was mentioned as the fastest moving big city in Uttar Pradesh and ranked ahead to 36 points from 2017 to 2018.

Jharkhand and Maharashtra have been adjudged as the best performing state respectively.

The break up is as follows-

The Country’s cleanest cities-



Best Big city-


Cleanest medium city-


Smallest city-


Cleanest Capital

Greater Mumbai

Cleanest Cantonment

Delhi Cantonment

Fastest moving big city-


The ranking of the cities has been done on 3 different parameters such as –

Service level progress

Random and direct observation of the field visits

The third-party citizen feedbacks.

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