Twitter changes policy to tackle the abusive trolls.

Internet trolling has become a very common factor what with the explosion of social media and digitization. But that does not mean that you can use it as a powerful weapon and use it for a misuse purpose.

Twitter on Tuesday revised its new policy for handling the social media tools and tackling online trolls. It will be revamping the strategy for handling of the new twitter trolls and tackling them head on.

It will basically a tool for identifying harassers and taking any kind of action against them.

Twitter already said that it will block the abusive Twitter users and block the offenders and citizens can also mute the abusive offenders.

Game plan Twitter-

Twitter will try to find the problematic accounts and identify them.

It will be revising its algorithm to battle the trolls and identify a harassing behavior.

It is an attempt to identify the pursuit of abusive trolls and help identify them.

They will be using new tools to identify abusive behavior and from a behavioral perspective it will help find the abusive accounts and help in identifying the trolls.

The Tweets from this violated accounted will be found in the down part of the area where the tweets will be found in the down portion of the window.

It will be checked whether they are abusive trolls or not and only then it will be checked.

However not entirely the tweets will be dependent on the abusive behavior.

Why has such a decision been taken?

Top social media firms such as Facebook and Twitter have been under fire for facing the ire of some of the communities which support certain religion groups. Many of them at times targets women and minorities.

How will it be helpful for Twitter?

If the abusive trolls are removed, then more people will be able to sign up and marketeers will be able to gain more from the ads.

THERE WILL be more active users and gain a lot of audiences which will in turn be helpful for the business.







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