The Young and the restless 20 something workforce want more than just a pay check. We take a look.

What do normally a young graduate foresee? Once after immediately finishing his/her job the standard route to taking up a corporate job and a straight ticket to your pay check. While it is more than important than a stable salary is the straightway to pay your bills, now the young breed is more than willing to sacrifice their pay check to explore something new and wait for the cash registers ringing.

Another factor is the purpose in life at work. This is not at all related to the fact that they are entrepreneurs or professionals. For the mainstream professionals it is important that they gather the required information and add to the job scenario which is more than pay check.

The young and the restless 20 somethings are the fiery breed who are digitally well equipped, have a sound technical knowledge, have a constant willingness to learn and unlearn and explore new things. They are driven by the passion and the cause that they believe in. They do not just want a salary and a pay check but also a cause and something in which they can believe in.

What are the different ways they are creating engaging ways for employees?

There have been defined different rules of engagement. The dais includes the different interaction session and a productive development role which would engage the employees and enable the interaction between the different development teams.

The young members should also be involved in the decision-making process, which will create a space for the young talent to grow and unfold. They can share their various insights and bolster a new and improved breed and help them learn from the other leadership team.

What does the young crowd want?

To look on the big picture and focus on the bigger returns and not just the small returns.

Money making is not just the only cause in their life. They want to work for bigger and bigger causes.

They are socially aware and know the status about what they want to achieve.

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