The field of AI faces an overall global skill shortage according to a research by Microsoft.

Artificial intelligence the term which has caught everyone’s fancy and is a new and emerging sector which is showing tremendous potential and a scope of growth. New and improved technologies are slowly paving the way for the more improved lot of new and improved methodologies and are surely going to be a path-breaking phenomenon.

But are the developments in technologies keeping up with the demands in the skills needed to equip with it? Is the new breed of technology specialists ready for the new take-off and adapting oneself with the new lot of technology up gradation?

Well this is not certainly the case.

The field of Artificial intelligence has suddenly caught the fancy of the IT industry and that of all the government professionals, which is by and large facing a lot of skills shortage and they need to keep up with the skills shortage problems.

The rest other challenges faced by the Artificial intelligence industry are-

The use of the correct data.

And the lack of matching the talent to the skill.

What is Microsoft saying?

There is a lot of talent, but it does not match up to the required talent which can at times makes it a bit difficult for the things to match up. There will have to be more and more influx of technologies to better the market and match up the things up to the said limits.

If there is no AI how will you prepare AI? How will you make use of the data? How will you use the data to the optimum level and make it a complete knowledge of the various technical details.

The real challenge is to make AI accessible to everyone, which is going to be the real challenges.

And so, Microsoft has been working in the very same direction so as to make AI accessible to everyone and make use of the government sectors in the various schools. It is also applicable in the health care sector and which is a much-needed tool used and can be much sought after element to look after.


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