India’s smartphone growth market likely to be in double digits in the year 2018.

Smart phones have now become a default thing in today’s world. One cannot even imagine about not having a smartphone and one of the most demanding things.

So as is likely the Indian mobile consumer market is going to show a double digital growth. And more so in the year 2018.Back on the popularity of the smartphones and the rising consumer demand, the focus is now to make the phones focus more on the value and the components.

What do the statistics say?

The statistics suggest that around 30 million smart phones were shipped in the month of January and the March quarter which was the strongest beginning for any of the industry.

Year on year it is showing an 11% increase in the quarter with Xiomi being the position in the top spot. It is then followed by Samsung, Oppo, Vivo and then Transmission which also sells Intel.

These are the top five market players in the industry.

The smartphone market will grow more than around 50% quarter by quarter and which will aggressively have introduced price plans. It will also introduce its double-digit growth, and which will act as a catalyst for growth.

All along 2018, the focus will be on the budget phones and to make the device more and more affordable also. The government is also likely to push for a very high-end growth of manufacturing and give the much-needed boost to the overall manufacturing of the smart phones market.

The rising custom duties and the raw material prices are a matter of concern to the retails and distributors in the offline market also.

There is also a subsequent lot of cost pressure on the market and the companies will also have to be set up the lines for the different types of manufacturing to lower down this impact.

The various channel partners will have to chalk out the various ways to mitigate the additional burden and through the schemes.


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