THE US tightens visa rules to curb the overstay by students.

There seems to be no end in sight as to the problems of the never-ending visa norms and regulations. The Trump administration is leaving no stone upturned in creating stricter norms and regulations so that the immigrants are not giving access in the United States of America and curbing immigration.

On the 11TH of May the Trump administration drafted a new policy where it was written it was tightening the rules which were related to the calculation of the foreign stay of the visa by the students especially who belonged to Asian countries.

When is the policy scheduled to come into effect?

The US student visa.

The policy is scheduled to come into effect on August 9.

It will be open for the various other public comments and if a student stays beyond a defined tenure there will be a definite cancellation of the immigration status and you will be not being able to maintain an immigration status.

What is the immigration status for the student visa?

Once a student stops pursing their intended course of study, then the visa ultimately gets barred and after that they are given a grace period of around 60 days to complete their course of intended study. At that time, they can change their status to a work visa or can leave the US.

What does the new policy mean?

The new policy can mean a new hurdle for the new immigration students who plan to stay in and change their immigration status or can be barred from staying in the US or from obtaining permanent residency.

Also, it is a huge hurdle for those who wish to change their relationship status to that of a US permanent resident.

After the Chinese diasporas the largest immigrants are the Indians to have an entry in the United States.

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