Sachin Bansal: The man who re-defined the face of E-commerce.

It was the year 2007, when e-commerce was taking baby steps and the concept was practically new and emerging to the Indian diaspora.

At that time an e-commerce start-up was planned and soon it revolutionized the way people shopped. At that time Flip-kart was only limited to the books section. Soon he ventured out to other products and segments such as accessories, clothes, apparels soon Flip-kart became a huge e-commerce company.

Sachin Bansal born on August 1981, into a family of agricultural traders.

He pursued his B-tech in e-commerce and secured an All India rank in IIT-JEE.

Both Binny Bansal and he co-founded Flip kart and joined Amazon’s development center in Bangalore.

In the year 2009 Flip kart raised its first round of funding and soon opened for the pre-orders in the same year.

Since more than a year a deal happened, Sachin had been trying to get behind the steering wheel of Flip kart and wanted to talk about the matter happening with Amazon and Flip kart. He wanted to re-negotiate the agreement and have a more dominating approach and select what the roles he wanted.

Finally, his journey reached the culmination last week when he made the final announcement to that he would finally leave Flip kart. His total stakes he was expected to sell at 5.5%.

In the year 2016, Sachin has moved to the role of the executive chairman of Flip kart and Binny has taken over the role.

The size of the acquisition has been huge and one of the biggest deals of all times. Both were working for Amazon when both decided to quit and form a tech start up like Flip kart.

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