NASA to send an autonomous helicopter on Mars with a rover mission in 2020.

In a revolutionary discovery of sorts, NASA will be sending its first autonomous helicopter to the red planet which will travel over the Mars rover mission, which will be launched in July 2020.

Crawling in thin atmosphere is hard but NASA will try it for sure anyways, where it has included a small helicopter to be sent in the year 2020.

What is the copter going to be all about?

The speed of the copter will be fast than that of a crawling robot and it will also be seen that it is very less to be stuck in sand.

THE Mars Mission.


The helicopter is a machine which is designed, and which is lighter in weight. The weight must be kept in check as the earth’s atmosphere must be of a thin layer and the lighter its blades the lighter it will be to rotate it.

It will be designed in such a way that it will seep through the thin Martian layer atmosphere and which will be around 10 times plus the layer of the atmosphere.

The helicopter will weigh just around 1.8 kg, and which will be the size of a fuss ball.

Also, the machine will be autonomous, but it will also give a wireless connection to rover over the exchange data.

HOW will the helicopter be advantageous?

It will have the potential of having the heavier than air vehicles on the planet.

It is a pathway to the future science of the country and future missions to Mars also.

It will also have a controlled flight in the earth’s atmosphere. The altitude for the helicopter will be 40,000 feet.

The mission will be launched in a United Alliance Atlas V rocket, from the Space launch complex and is expected to reach Mars on the in February 2021.

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