WhatsApp introduces chat filter in its business app.

In its newest addition to the Wats app feature, a chat filter could soon be coming up in Watsapp. It will especially be for the Business app for Android and soon chatting will also be a new option on the business app.

Will the filter available on the other apps?

As of now it will only be available on the Wats app for business app and nowhere else. The users can search for the messages elsewhere and they will be able to search for the messages in the rest of the places also.

The user will have to tap on the menu bar and the window will open which will show a filter icon.

The options will appear on the same and he user will have to tap on it.

After you have tapped the option, there will be numerous other options will appear which will be the unread chats, other listed items and the groups.

However, all this won’t be available in the standard app.


Business can tap in on the potential customers using this app which will be like the other apps and it will somewhat be the same as Instagram.

On the other hand, Instagram has introduced different buttons for the app and they would be able to get in touch with the potential customers for other inquiries such as travel bookings, setting an appointment and placing an order.

There will also be a search option attached to it.

On the similar lines, Facebook will also be updating its business operations and has also added a buy and sell option to it.

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