The Walmart-Flipkart deal. The major takeaways from it.

The Walmart Flip kart deal marks the biggest deals of all times in the e-commerce industry and one of the most revolutionary deals of all times. The Arkansas based global retail giant has finalized a definitive agreement, which will become the largest shareholder in the Flip kart group.

The deal is one of the biggest deals in the e-commerce industry and is estimated to be around 4200 billion which will be one of the most giant deals till the time of 2026.

However, it is yet to have a green signal with the Competition Commission of India and the other government regulatory bodies before being finalized.IT WILL GIVE WALMART A DIRECT ENTRY INTO THE Indian e-commerce market where it will compete with Amazon.

Which are the top takeaways from the deal?

One of the major take ways for Flip kart will be perhaps that the Indian brand will be going international which could be a big boost for FLIP KART. However, when will the said thing happen is yet to have an answer as there is no timeline given for the same.

The deal is likely to bring about a new change in the face of Indian retail by bringing in new and innovative goods.

Now the online sellers in India are quite skeptical because of the fear that Walmart may override them. The American giant has a reputation of riding over the small-businesses.

With the deal more, investors are likely to join in. The potential investors may also join the rounds and the company wold have a clear majority in ownership.

Walmart is also of the opinion that it will support the small business and the Make in India campaign through the increased opportunities for the global business, outsourcing and the e-commerce industry.

Both the companies will work for the retail expertise, merchandising talent and the supply chain knowledge which will be on the financial strength and the other responsibilities of the company.

One of its co-founders from the company will be staying back and one them has resigned after selling his stake.

The combined revenue of Walmart and Flip kart will have annual revenue of 10 billion dollars, which makes Walmart the biggest operating firm in India.






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