US exits from Iran’s nuclear deal. What will be the implications?

US President Donald Trump has a penchant for announcing innovative and surprising announcements for all time. Be it the Visa issue, the immigrant issues and how he has gone a notch higher by announcing the Iran deal and its exit of the US.

He made the announcement on the 10th of MAY 2018, that the US plans to exit from the nuclear deal. In turn Trump has also imposed the re-imposition of the sanctions.

The deal was made under the Obama rule where countries like, the US, UK, India, China, Russia, France had agreed to comply with the comprehensive plan of action and agree to the nuclear deal.

What was the reason the US made an exit to the deal?

Trump since the time of elections was never for the deal and has always opposed to it very strongly.

He had even termed it as a disaster and one-sided.

He also accused Iran of the state sponsored conflicts across the West Asia and warned of a nuclear war in the West of Asia.

What will be the implications?

The oil prices may rise.

It may lead to an increase in the volatility in the markets.

Already UK, France and Germany have expressed concern over the rising oil prices.

Trump may be in talks with the North Korean leader while negotiating with the leader Kim Jong.

What is Iran’s stand on this?

Iran wants to negotiate with the European countries, China and Russia and are keen on having talks with the former. The Iranian President is also of the view that if at all they benefit from the Comprehensive plan of action then there will re-negotiation terms to be taken care of and ultimately the deal will also remain.

What does the impact mean for India?

India will on the other hand continue to import for India and overall the trade relations are most likely to be not impacted also.

India has also planned to invest in the Chabahar airport which gives New Delhi the access to Afghanistan bypassing Pakistan which is one of the most prominent investment.







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