Mother’s Day coming. What are the different traditions all over the world?

On Sunday the 13th the world will be celebrating Mother’s Day, a day to cherish the most important person in your life. The one who is your guardian angel and the one who is responsible for your existence.

Yes, its Mother’s Day on the 13TH of May that is Sunday. So how is this special day celebrating the world over. We take a look.

The tradition dates back in the 20th century where it has its roots on feminism, traditionalism and religious sentiments.

It slowly spread to the other countries and is now celebrated the world over.

How do different countries celebrate Mother’s Day 2018?


Mother’s Day takes place on the second Sunday in May and normally people celebrate it by giving their Mother’s red flowers. The concept of Mother’s Day became popular only after the second World War.

The United Kingdom-

In the UK the tradition goes back to around 400 years ago, where small children were left at home to work as domestic servants. This day would be a day off for the workers where they would go to worship their Mother’s at the church.


Mother’s Day is celebrated in August in Thailand on the 12th of August. It is also celebrated to mark the birth of the Monarch and there are also many Parades held.


The French normally celebrate the Mother’s Day with flower shaped cakes and give flowers.


Mother’s Day is celebrated with much pomp in Mexico and people take out their Mother’s in restaurants to celebrate. It is by far one of the most important and the busiest day for the people in Mexico.







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