The US economy adds around close to 1 lakh jobs in April.

In what seems to be good news for the US economy it has shown good signs of improvement in the employment sector. They are stepping up the hiring modestly and the unemployment rate has also fallen drastically in the previous occasions.

The main reasons for this is the economic resilience and the recent stock market trouble which shocked the world.

Earlier the job growth has reached a lot of higher levels earlier than the previous ones and the unemployment rate has remained at an all-time low also. One of the most encouraging signs for the economy is that the rate at which hiring is carried on has been on the increase and one of the surest signs of an increase in employment.

Also, the overall consumer confidence has also increased in the US economy and taken shape in the form of new and improved regulations. More and more people are now shopping, and the pace of retail sales has picked up in March onward. There must be a consistent surge in the retail sales after the sales have registered an overall increase in the month of March as the monthly sales decline.

The monthly reports on the other hand have always shown a consistent annual average growth with the manufacturers, retail and hotel staff have managed to hire around 29,000 jobs in the industry.

There have been overall declining mass layoffs and this trend is going to reflect down further in the industry.

The annual inflation target of the Federal Reserve is around 2 percent and they hope to achieve this with the concerned target of all.

Also, the home market is also an important component of the US economy and one of the main stays. The homes were sold at an overall annual pace of around 5.6 million markets even though statistics show something else that the pace has dipped for the overall number of houses.





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