Google I/O Conference. What’s new in store?

The Google I/O conference was full of innovative and new technologies included in the conference. Apart from various changes in the technical arena there have been significant changes in the Gmail features and the rest other apps also.

What are the different features which Google has added for you? We take a look-

The Google I/O Conference

Gmail– Smart compose.

To be precise it is an extension of the Smart Reply feature. The amazing part of this feature is that it will assist you in writing the sentences and for composing the emails. It will complete the sentences for you while writing in the mailbox itself and let do the work of writing in the whole sentences for you.

It will be a feature which will continuously work in the background while you are working at something and it will also suggest you some sentences will also give you some grammatical hints so that you don’t make mistake while writing and will also keep in check the various grammatical errors. One of the most important factor of this feature is that it will save most of your time and you will be able to save a lot of time.

Google Photos

Who does not like photos with various attractive filters? Now Google has come up with a different feature which will have various other options such as rotate, rewind, archive, brighten, share and more. It also makes use of AI to detect the various images and answer them.

Google Assistant

Assistant has also a lot changed its language and the way it speaks so that you can converse more easily with Google assistant. It has also introduced six new voices and there is also a provision for taking the snapshots of the day along with the day, locations, time and interaction of the Assistant.

Google Duplex

It is a new and a revolutionary way of handling the phone conversations. Google in duplex can now understand the complex sentences, the various voice modulation and can also respond in a human manner. What’s more it can also make dinner reservations for you and can assist in the way of making appointments for you.


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