WhatsApp brings the PIP feature to the Facebook and the Instagram videos.

WhatsApp the most famous messaging app popular across all the ages of people is now undergoing a key change and that is they are building new and improved features on the App. The features are being developed with a view to improve the new videos quality and improve the features of it.

The Facebook developer Conference just concluded and there seemed to be a lot of takeaways from it.

One of the most new and improved update regarding the same was the Picture in Picture featured which is called as PIP.

In this feature, the person can view the Instagram or the Facebook videos, which are directly available on WhatsApp.

However, on drawback of it is that it is available only on the IOS platform and in a limited version of WhatsApp. Whether it will feature on the Android version or not is still yet to be unknown. The use of it is such that you will be able to simultaneously look at the video without disturbing your chat settings and will also be able to enjoy both the things simultaneously.

Its features are like those of a YouTube video where you can roll over the video over the screen and take care that you are not disturbing the previous settings currently. There is also no need to open the WhatsApp or the Instagram app at the same time.

What exactly is the PIP FEATURE?

The PIP feature is the feature where you can navigate through the Watsapp app and still can view the different features along with different people also. There will appear a video bubble where it will continue to play on the app as and when you browse to different other apps.

It will come with all the play, pause replay again and full screens buttons features also which will make it easy for the viewers to observe and take the help of the videos.


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