IT Industry Attrition: The problem of imbalance less and more number of employees create a digital imbalance.

Digitization is the new buzz word which has been on around our minds and has been one of the most prominent job creation sectors to begin with.

But now there has been a problem and that is problem of a plenty. Information technology companies are now on a constant innovation spree and constantly hiring new employees which are having the required digital skills. Even if they don’t have the digital skills there are various training program mes provided by the companies concerned for the same.

But as it is on one hand training the employers it has also created a sort of digital imbalance in the county especially in the IT sector. It is now resulting the newly skilled workers who are looking for more jobs as of now.

However what needs is the re skilling of the talent to retain their investment and keeping in mind the talent pool.

So, who are the employees who are getting hired?

Employees with the most digital skills are getting hired and getting good pay hikes simultaneously. Training is also very much important, but everything comes down to one key point and that is deployment.

The aim is not just to keep people ready but also to provide with deployment. At times people are sometimes deployed just for shorter projects or for shorter period and get employment based on that. The attrition rates for the top companies have been the highest and one of the most prominent ones. The training on the digital skills has been one of the highest ones which can at the same time is essential to create a deep bond with the employees.


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