India ranks 4th in Asia Pacific on the power index trajectory.

There seems to be good news for the Indians on economic resources on the power index front. The judgment was based on the various parameters such as economic resources, military capability, the diplomatic influences. They were all measured against a host of parameters and were calculated based on the economic relationships and defence networks.

What were the findings from the survey?

INDIA has overall ranked fourth out of the 25 nations which were found in the Asia Pacific region. India is being pegged as the giant of the future but has much to cope up with in the areas of defence sectors and technologies.

It was measured by the Lowly Institute Mega Power Index and the survey was carried out across the 25 countries also.

It was carried across various territories such as Pakistan, North Russia, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

How is a country’s overall power measured?

A country’s overall power is measured by the Economic resources, military capability, the future trends and the defense networks and the overall influences. India is ranked fourth on the overall index and subsequently Japan and India share a major power status.

Tokyo is leading in smart power while on the other hand New Delhi is the biggie of the future.

The other finding also suggest that China is the emerging superpower in the ASIA PACIFIC REGION while the US is a strong Pacific power.

By the year 2025, around a large part of the world will live in the Asia-Pacific with only around 1/3rds of the population living in the states.

What do the other countries rank at?

US remains the most powerful influence in the military and power services. It also ranks the highest in terms of the top five spots in the eight index measures. China retains its most powerful force in the military space and the various other parameters.



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