Google to soon launch with a new gaming app.

Google probably the world’s biggest tech giant has been consistent in terms of innovation and imprinting the digital footprints. Even in the past years, Google has successfully launched various ventures and gained a lot of new

Now adding one more feather to its cap, it will soon be launching a new gaming app and reports suggest that the California based giant may soon be working on it.

What is Google working on?

Google is now soon launching a gaming app which is called Arcade and is being launched by Facebook engineer Michael Sayman. It will be focusing on mobile gaming which will be exclusive to friends.

What Is Arcade?

Arcade is a part of the Google 120 Area, wherein there is workshop for Google experimental products and which helps the teams to build and help new and innovative products in a rapidly changing environment.

The project would soon start off by providing the layout and the budget and the hiring staff for designing, marketing and financing of the products.

The mobile gaming app is mostly launched with a view to engage the younger audiences and bring out something new and innovative in the tech world. It will be a first of a sort of a gaming app which will be launched by Google, complete with all the innovative features to keep the young audience engaged.

It will also be launched as a social media investment since it is one of the most prominent things today which is trending.

There are many other various apps which are launched by the Google app which are

Up time. This app lets you stream the videos and explore the various friends across the world.



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