The debate for the H4 visa holders. Where does it lies now?

The ongoing debate on the H1-B visa has brought forth to light some new and developing issues and is now being reconsidered. The H1-B visa has become a matter of a huge debate since the newly minted stringent laws and procedures.

The Trump administration plans to change the system of the H1-B visa following various changes in the visa implementation.

What was the H4 visa implementation all about?

During the Obama administration rule there has been issues Employment Authorization Documents especially on the spouses of the H1-B visa holders. It gave them the opportunity to work in a foreign land and pursue their interests.

But now during the Trump administration, the government now plans to revoke the EAD program mes and now there seems to be what new developments will soon be expected.

How does this move affect the livelihood of the people?

It plans to end the employment permits given to the H4 spouses.

Most of the beneficiary are the spouses of Indians.

Most of the them are in the bracket of earning.

The H1-B visa issue is likely to be revamped and having those with specialty occupation.

The rest of the public will in all get around 30 days to send the comments in public. The administration will review all the comments and then it will be seen what actions need to be taken.

Now there is a feeling of tension and fear among the professionals that their hopes of achieving their dreams.

Skilled Immigrants in USA an organization is helping the Indians which are there in the long queues to achieve their dreams and most of them are likely in the H4 CATEGORY of the applicants.


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