Now the German minister wants Facebook to be more transparent. Criticizes the new plan.

The Facebook scandal has rocked the world like anything and it is now happening a matter of a reputation to keep up with the ever increasing needs and demands of the various categorizes to keep in pace.

Now Germany has ordered a different probe into the matter. Germany’s justice minister has ordered an interrogation into the same saying that the social network must bring in a lot of changes and be more transparent with the users and the different social media users online.

What is the minister saying?

In a letter mentioned to Zuckerberg, it has been written that it need to give users a lot of control and that the users also need to feel the stability of the users and keep in mind their safety.

They need to set up internal supervisory mechanisms to have a strict control over the different data breaches and have a regular formal guideline ensured for the same.

Several of the publications in Germany have participate in the event and have cited the issues.

Facebook has also admitted that It had illegally passed on the data to the Cambridge Analytic a firm and had been involved in a massive data breach. It was in a view to support the election campaign of President Donald Trump where there around 3,00,000 Germans had also been affected.

What did the German minister exactly say?

The minister has welcomed the various changes in Facebook but has also at the same time brought to the matter the issue of the privacy changes and has asked to consult on the same.

He is also not welcomed of the move and the fact that there have been data transfers from the European to the US and so there needs to be required probe on the same.

The commercial sale of the user data has affected the privacy for the data regulations for Facebook. The use of a very sensitive data has affected the data privacy use of the people.

Facebook on the other hand attempts to build a privacy tool and at the same time engage protecting the data of the users where they can send information where their source will be the accounts.

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