It is great to have a foreign degree. But is it worth the effort?

Everyone dreams of achieving the coveted foreign degree in a topmost world-famous IVY league institute. Because that’s a straight gateway to an entry into a multinational company and big and fat checks.

But now since several days it is no longer being considered a safe bet to pursue a degree abroad and further increasing your chances of employment.


There have bee certain changes especially for the immigrants which are evolving and are ever changing which are making matter a bit difficult for the foreign education aspirants.SO is a foreign degree worth it?

We look at some of the factors which will help focus on the concept of foreign education

It’s not just about a fancy foreign degree you need to focus on the employ ability factor also.

Take into consideration the tuition fees and how much can you really afford or its better still to pursue a degree in your homeland itself.

Just second to the US, Britain has emerged as the toughest overseas place to find employ ability after acquiring your degree as it is subject to a lot of stringent rules and laws. There you need to have a job offer from your employer with a tier 2 sponsorship license.

Mainly these all are differences due to the different immigration issues.

Which are the most preferred destinations for the Indian students?





European countries-Netherlands, Germany.

As the uncertainty over the acquiring of the H1B visa looms large, people are turning their focus on other countries such as Canada which is emerging as the top destination. There are liberal work permits which makes it easier for the person to pursue the dream degree and choice of theirs.

Secondly the cost and the merit-based scholarships are also a worth factor to investigate and consider.

So, is a foreign education worth it?

It can be only when you take into factors the investment returns on it and what type of courses do you want to consider.



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