India and the unemployment saga. Where exactly is the problem?

With the continuous debate on cards whether INDIA does face the problem of unemployment or not there remains a very striking and a very apparent niggling gap between the very modernized urban society and the rural hinterland.

So, India is essentially a dual economy.

The economic disparity is very evident in modern India with the age-old problem of the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer is very apparent and evident. The age-old disparity between India and Bharat has is becoming even more apparent and clearer than ever. The very apparent dual structure is also a matter of a debate and much concern.

The reality is that India does remain a country full of unemployment problems and there are significantly many people who are engaged in the subsistence agriculture and who most of them live in the rural hinterland. As opposed there are many people who keep on entering the workforce per year.

There is also a lot of wide and ever-increasing disparity in the number of people entering the workforce each year and that it is around 12 million people of them.

So where does the problem lie?

There are a lot of high skilled jobs available, but the problem is the education system is not able to cope up with the same.

The good news is that India’s economic growth will be rapid but as opposed to that, there is not enough employment created for the ever-increasing workforce out there.

There are a variety of reasons for that the most apparent one being

A LOW Skill intensity.

Low education levels

These both are a major challenge for the young and growing population for them to achieve.

So, what is exactly is the main concern?

Skill development is a major economic concern which would increase buy accelerating the proves of the economic development process and providing the various opportunities on the same.









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