Facebook has launched a dating app. But will it work?

Just last week we were subjected to a very surprising news which left everyone asking for more. In the middle of the controversies which Facebook has been mired into, the latter has gone ahead and launched a dating app which will help find people their prospective life partners.

But what will exactly the newly launched app have?

Facebook is just going to keep on building and this just seems to be got bigger and better. And dating is the next thing which is on the mind which will be on building not just as a dating factor but as a tool for building long lasting relationships.

But many of the competitors are of the view that building a dating app when it is mired in various controversies either presents a very bold move or a somewhat deaf attitude towards the problems.

What has the new app all the features about?

There will be different events and you can make different groups.

You need to create a new separate profile which will be different from your normal Facebook profile. The potential dates will be able to see your dating profiles on Facebook.

Facebook will make the various recommendation based on your profile matching up and hobbies and interests. You will be able to connect with the singles who can unlock the group and events.

The dating app is being modeled by the company’s profile team. The same team will also oversee the various Facebook profiles and look after the overall dating app and look after the team.

It is still hard to say that when will the dating app will be launched and it can be launched in the coming months. It will be going through rigorous testing and these features will be tested more accurately.

However, this feature will be devoid of any ads and only feature on the core dating app feature.

It wont feature any other data associated with any other apps.

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