E-B 5 Visa. Is this the new alternative?

The tightening of the rule of the H1-B visa program me has given rise to a new visa rule called the E-B 5 visa program me. The number of applicants who applied to the program as been increased and touched a new record between the year October 2016 to 2017.

What exactly is the E-B 5 visa program?

The visa program often dubbed as the ‘cash for visa’ program me, the individuals can apply for permanent residency in the United States, but this is not citizenship. But this is possible only when they create 10 minimum permanent full-time jobs and the current threshold investment will be $1 million.

It is essentially an investor immigrant category where there are created jobs by not the US employer.

Another kind of investment is also called as target employment areas which is an alternative to the employment opportunities. Some years back people were not aware of the E-B 5 visa but now the awareness has increased manifold and has also raised certain awareness of the factors.

The program is most likely to undergo a change in September 2018 and will witness a lot of changes.

Many people are also now considering investing in the E-B 5 visa and making the best use of it.

The authorization for the EB-5 rule is for the only 10,000 people per year and the various reforms should not be eliminated and destroyed also.

The process of the E-B 5 visa normally takes around 1 to one and a half years and it takes around close to 6 months for an approval.

It also has various job requirements which come as under-

They should invest the required amount of capital in a completely commercial enterprise which will have at least 10 qualifying employees.

There are also various capital requirements which are of the new commercial enterprise and which do not come under any liabilities.


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