Why is Twitter asking the users to change the passwords?

A new update on Twitter sent everyone in a tizzy this Friday morning when people logged in to the new Facebook feed. They wrote on a micro blogging website to change their news feed. This was not in the least expected by anybody as the recent scandal of Facebook which had rocked the world due to data breach and analytics.

To avoid any kind of security glitches and have a correct security policy in place, Twitter has announced this kind of security updates. The SFO based company has found this bug by themselves and to avoid any kind of further clash they had taken the relevant steps for it.

The popular social network has earned around $61 million in the first three months and has also posted for the second consecutive profit.

The move comes as a surprise as they have detected a new bug in the password which has been used in the stored password in the internal bug system.

How does the Twitter password work?

When you set a password for Twitter, there is a technology which hides the password so that no one can use it. Recently there were several bugs fixed in it and, they were used to take care of the numerous bugs in the technology.

However, the company states that whatever bugs were there they have been fixed and there is no whatsoever breach or indication of a misuse by anyone.

The change in the password has been because of the service of caution.

How do the Twitter passwords work?

It masks the passwords by the process of a hashtag and works on a function called by crypt so that your password remains secure and correct.

Twitter can validate your passwords and the various account credentials without giving out much information.

What procedure should a user follow at such time?

Use a very strong password which may not be probably be used or decoded by any other people.

Also use a password manager.

Use a login verification and which has a two-factor verification. It should be able to have a very strong validity.








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