Which smartphones are going to storm the market? We take a look.

We are already 4 months into the new year the tech geeks must surely be looking forward to the new and improved influx of smart phones available in the market. People are waiting anxiously with what new announcements are going to be there and are also looking forward to the new gadgets being debuted in the market.

Do you want to know which will be the top smartphone buyers in the year 2018? Are you ready to explore the new and improved gadgets so that you can have an amazing tech experience?

We look at what will be the new smart buyers phones of 2018-

Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Galaxy S9 plus-

Both continue to rule the roost and are the much sought-after smartphones. For the last year also, they have come up with some awesome statistics, for the same. Both the models are expected to have a 7MN snap dragon processor and a dual length lens camera. It will also have fingerprint scanners. But the overall design is not likely to change significantly.

Google Pixel 3-

It is expected to arrive in October in the year 2018, It will also carry the snapdragon processor and the feature poled panels.


It will have the Nokia android phone which was announced in last year, but everyone is waiting for the launch of the Nokia 9 phone which will be the flagship company’s line-up.it will be an upgraded version of the Nokia 8 and it will have new and improved features. It will also have an extra 2 GB of RAM.


Apple has almost surpassed the iPhone to become the top gainer in the most preferred smart phones. It has been the topmost smartphone brand in the fourth quarter of the year 2017.



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