Instagram to add new features to protect from bullies.

The most popular IMAGE sharing app, Instagram is getting a new and improved look and all for the better. As it is the most popular video and photo sharing site it is ought to have some new and improved features to help enable have a new and improved experience.

They have announced new ways to share the videos, connect with friends, share the different contents on the stories. It has also launched different content on Explore.

This is also in accordance with the concept of protecting against the bullies.

Which are the changes which Instagram has announced?

Sharing of the stories will be changed.

It will now be very easy to share what one is up to or how are they going to feel about a situation. It will now be very easy to share on how they are feeling and thinking and sharing stories with their friends.

Furthermore, more apps will be added to the later stories section. You can also edit or add different stories in the section.

Camera effects platform

Various camera effects are also going to be added to make you look great. Face filters, camera effects, text styles and stickers all are going to make the photo sharing platform an amazing share. Unique and interactive camera experiences are also a new thing to be explored.

Video chatting gets an upgrade-

Video chatting is the most popular platform on Instagram. And it is soon going to be an experience which everyone can enjoy. Instagram will soon bring a new video chat to its platform so that you can keep on going the conversation with the person. It is soon in the testing mode and it will soon come out globally.

The new explore

Instagram will be filtering the bullying comments which are intended to spread hatred among the people.

It will also have an alert system set up so that you are able to handle any new updates very well.






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