India’s pollution woes-Are Green Buildings the solution?

There seems to be no end in sight for India’s pollution problems. Despite various sustainable efforts by the Government, there seemed to be no positive end on the same.

It also has future like building various housing projects and provide smart cities which will prove to be very beneficial in the future. However, while implementing the same they will have to counter numerous environmental hazards and issues such as rising air pollution also.

Conservation of the energy resources is also a crucial factor in implementing smart city strategies.

The World health Organization has listed down the various cites in which it has ranked Delhi the highest. It has also given rise to household air pollution which also affects a lot of people.

However, the implementation of green buildings has been limited to the sustainable and very less efforts by the government and not correct implementation policies also. There has also been very poor awareness of the same.

After New Delhi, Cairo was the most populated then came Dhaka, Mumbai and Beijing.

What measures have been carried out?

As a tool to implement various sustainable policies, the World Bank has decided to set up Edge to boost the developers to give a new edge to the new and improved policies of the government. It will also provide a green certification system on the

Also, the cost of working on the green buildings is marginal and EDGE has around various certified projects across India out of which 29 are in the way of progress.

Almost 9 out of 10 people breathe contaminated air which is hazardous.

The biggest question today is not of whether we should have sustainable buildings or green building but the implementation of the projects. The attitude of doing fast is a big and huge dent in the development of the projects and is also a lot where a lot of different parameters are involved.









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