The new Microsoft Windows update: What’s new?

The new Microsoft windows has been updated and how. Now the users will be able to have a new and improved functionality which were missing in the earlier version and have been upgraded for the new and improved version of it.

It will be given a new name of Windows 10 April 2018 update and will soon will be upgraded to the new and improved version. It will be available on all the laptop screens and desktop screens and will be available in the Update and Security feature.


Finding the previous works-

Microsoft has added a new feature called the timeline. They can display all the past activities of the users and effectively use it on any Android, smart phone or the Apple device. The most important work is that it can help the users find the previous tasks and continue from where they have left.

It will help in multitasking-

The second tool is called as Sets, which is designed to build a connectivity to the app and a temporary home screen. So, for e.g.-if you want to use a PowerPoint and a wen browser at the same time you can use the tool called sets which will also open as a separate tab.

Minimizing the distractions-

To minimize the distractions is also one of the main aim of the new feature of the Microsoft. It has installed a feature called the Quiet Hours where you can concentrate on the important tasks when you want to block the notifications, emails and other distracting calls. They can also schedule the hours where they want to be active or do not want to be active.

Upgrading to the improved voice control-

Microsoft has also improved its diction tool by adding various short cut options and a lot of other new and improved options.

You can also find new contacts quickly. It is as easier as dragging and dropping the menu bar completely and only allowing the task bar to complete the tasks all at a time.

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