Prime Minister Narendra Modi twice as popular as Trump on Facebook.

Social media is one of the most popular mediums through some of the high-profile celebrities can gain their audience and a lot of more followers. A lot of political influences are on Facebook and the two of the biggest leaders in the world are no different.

The US President Donald Trump also enjoys a big following on Twitter but desperately lags as compared to the INDIAN PRIME MINISTER Narendra Modi in terms of followers on Facebook.

Modi is one of the most followed person on Twitter and Facebook alike and one of the most popular figure also. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a following of around 43.2 million followers which is almost twice the number of followers the American President Trump.

One of the main reasons for this is that Facebook is more aggressively used in Asia than Twitter while Twitter is more widely popular elsewhere. It is also an account for many followers.

The next in position was Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen, which came fifth in the position and had a following of around 9.6 million people.

There was also a study which analyzed the people and who do they prefer to follow on Facebook and among them Narendra Modi topped the list.

Along with that the Prime Minister’s personal page was also a very much liked one by the people along with his posts. His was also the most number of destination which has checked-ins ranked after the WHITE HOUSE, the Uganda presidency and the Downing Street.

In the peer to peer connection of world leaders, MODI came 10th and somehow did not had the same following as the earlier pages enjoyed.

The other names which included are-

The White House

The US state department

The European Union.

The UK Foreign office

The study was conducted as per the global survey and was also included in the study.



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