Facebook and other social media platforms to offer various programs to offer activities to the elderly.

Social media was earlier the domain of only the young crowd and the Generation Z and Generation But now it is slowly shifting focus on the elder population of the country as more and more elder people are getting interested in showing an inclination towards the social media.

One of the main reasons is that many of these sites play a crucial and important role in easing the loneliness and making them shun their loneliness.

This is mostly important for the older adults who are aging and need to be and face the mobile constraints also.

The study was carried out by various other researchers who had recruited around more than 200 participants and who were familiar with Facebook for over a year. They had prepared a questionnaire and had asked about their queries also. The elderly population were also asked to respond to the gratifications which are obtained from Facebook.

So why are the older adults increasingly adopting to social media?

Older adults are increasingly adopting to the social media where they find an increased sense of heightened social confidence and can align their thought process with them.

Why is it considered one of the most popular social networking platforms among the elderly?

It is one of the most important tool to enhance the identity of the elder population.

It also has numerous features which enhances the growing need of the social media users and help them create an identity.

While earlier Facebook only catered to the young population it has now become the most used social media networking site of the young and old adults also. And now increasingly it has slowly becoming the domain of the elderly.



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