Cambridge ANALYTICA to shut down.

Cambridge Analytica the firm which has been embroiled in controversies since days is now shutting down. Its British parent company is also shutting down which is named SCL elections are shutting down almost immediately after it got into debts and registered a sharp drop in the business.

Here are some of the key pointers of the same-

At the very center of a massive data breach the British firm Cambridge Analytica has shut down.

They exclaim that they have not been involved in any sort of controversy or data breach but must be shut down due to extensive debt problem.

Also, the negative media coverage has left them with a big dent and the legal mounting fees have forced them to shut down the company.

Even though the employees were having in the company the mammoth media coverage had put a huge dampening effect on the firm’s reputation. Eventually they had to take the decision of shutting down the firm.

What was the row all about?

The firm has been in the eye of the storm of acquiring the private information of the political clients and the soaring legal fees had forced the firm to be shut down. They also mentioned that they will farther probe into the matter and will also investigate it that such an issue does not happened all over again.

They have also assured into the matter and that further on such care is taken.

Not just only Cambridge Analytica but also its parent company SCL which has been affected. It has also raised a lot of concerns about the working company and furthered their move to shut down.

Cambridge came into the limelight when it was accused of using the data in the 2016 Presidential elections however Trump’s campaign has denied using any data in the election process.

Since the time the matter has come into the limelight, Facebook has so far upgraded the security procedure and the privacy restrictions.



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