Among st the world’s top polluted cities 14 of them rank in India.

A recent survey on the pollution levels in the different cities of the world does not spell good news for INDIA. Because out of them 14 of them are from India. The data was released by the World Trade Organization and it also reported the various pollution levels which showed the different proportion of the pollution levels.

Which were the cities which were listed?

New Delhi













These are the above cities which were listed as the most polluted.

The pollution levels in these cities is scary and is responsible for most of the health hazards one faces. Almost 9 out of the 10 people breathe polluted air and is the most dangerous. It is responsible for the death of around 7 million people and give rise to acute health hazard risks.

However not all was mentioned negative. The WHO also said that the countries are also taking the required measures to curb the negative effects. Most of them are the African and Asian countries. And the penetration of these levels has been the highest in these.

The data released also mentioned that there are about 1 million people who die alone due to very high and big pollution levels.

In New Delhi alone, the smog levels are very high as compared to the other cities and worse it has been 10 times higher. But all the activists are of the view that very little has been done to stop the pollution levels. So much so that they had been issued a state warning.

To bring in control the various hazardous effects the government had also acted out a new comprehensive action plan, exclusively for the Delhi NCR. It included various specifications to reduce the vehicular emissions, the various dust particles from the construction and they wanted to implement it across the country.


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