Twitter has been upgraded! Want to know the new features?

The most famous social media handle next to Facebook has been updated with new and improved features to make for a great user experience for you.

It will soon foray its aggressive news policy and will soon launch its new and improved features to improve the overall timeline features. It will highlight the links which are shared by your network and upgrade your home timeline and Buzz feed news.

It will also have various tweets mentioning the links which will be easier for the people to get information. The new and upgraded features will be available across IOS, Android and Web. The switch will enable the social media biggie from being a social media biggie to a news app. It will also air live news broadcasts all over and give various information about the various timelines.

What are the different features of the new Twitter timeline-

It broadcasts various news worldwide.

It has also launched the new explore tab.

It will also launch the new curated timelines and try to improve its news feed and broadcasts online.

It is also thinking of collaborating with the world’s biggest entertainment company Walt Disney to generate live sports, news and social network. The deal will help Twitter expand its live streaming network and get to collaborate with the world’s biggest entertainment company.

It also helps augment the share of Twitter, after the Disney deal was announced. It went to $30.31 from around 4.5 percent.

Twitter said that it wants to give in correct and authentic information to its users and this will be a correct platform to present the same. It becomes important gradually as the news feature is viewed by millions of people and it is an important feature of information gathering.

It has also given out the Moments’ feature in India where people can collate a series of tweets in the timeline and bring a series of multiple tweets together.

Twitter by this move has surely intrigued the interest of the Twitter followers and will also give the opportunity to weave and present stories globally.










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