Revolutionary move -All Indian household to have electricity by the year end.

In a biggest revolutionary move of sorts the Government has assured its citizens that it will have access to the electricity points and will completely solve the problem of reaching the electricity to the villages.

All the villages have been provided with electricity and this has been an historic move of sorts. According to the Government the target was set around in 2015 and the Government is confident of providing with electrification. The target of the Government is to supply with electricity to all the villages. Earlier the deadline was March 2019 now it has been pre poned to December 2018.

What was the move all about?

Under the Saubhagya scheme 5 million households have got electrification and the Government has called this as a historic move.

According to the data around 82 % of the households have got rural electrification.

States such as Punjab, Haryana, Goa, Kerala, TamilNadu, AndraPradesh and West Bengal have got 100 percent rural electrification.

The Government had launched this scheme to provide light and electrification to across the villages both in the rural and the urban areas which has been a big move by the government.

In some of the remote and unexpected location it was difficult to carry the materials to the main site especially when they are in difficult and unattainable areas. It must be carried on by foot and many of them has remained neglected due to unattainable terrains.

Which were the most difficult villages for electrification?

Arunachal Pradesh


Jammu Kashmir

With the Government on a mission to change the works for the better it will surely have a positive move and impact overall the aim of rural and urban electrification.

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