Google Home and Amazon Home are the new smart speakers. But are they for the Indian diaspora?

The rise of smart speakers is seeing a dramatic demand and it is only going to get bigger and better. The prime motive is the interface of the products and how can both prove as a very useful tool in the human interactions.

The ever popular is Amazon Echo after it was launched in November 2017.Soon it increased in popularity and has been widely been appreciated by people.

The Echo range has been gradually expanded to different speakers such as –

Echo Plus


Echo Spot

Echo Dot.

Only around last month, Google launched its own competitors in India which is the Google Home and Google mini. So, all along this while Echo had enjoyed the monopoly and was immediately replaced when Google launched its own smart speakers.

However, both have one thing in common-

Both are AI powered and are virtual based assistants. Google has the Google Assistant, Amazon has Alexa.

Are both the devices the rivals of each other?

As both face competition from each other both are somewhat are also rivals of each other. Both are biggest competitors and are also placed closely with each other. Also, both are closely priced which makes them the topmost rivals of each other.

Both current home speakers are of the hot trend and soon plan to give and take the maximum reach to the people. What’s more social media biggies are also trying to tap in the market and make the best use of it.

But these speakers are famous globally, do they really cater to the Indian customer market? How can they compete for the Indian market?

Alexa has of an Indian accent and Google assistant is far away form the very heavy American accent. What is more important that both speakers should be able to respond to the queries than the common Indian has. If at times if it cannot answer, then it may not be able to answer to your query at all.


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