Facebook launches a new dating app.

In the wake of severe controversies and data leak accusations, Facebook has launched a new app called the Dating app. It will be separate app and not like the one where you have your account on the social media.

The announcement was made this week on Tuesday that is the 1ST of May. Zuckerberg announced that the app will be heavily protected, and they aim to make their privacy a top priority.

What will be the dating app all about?

The focus of the app will be on building long term partners and focus on new relationships.

Real long-term relationships are the need of the hour and Facebook will help achieve that.

Mostly in the United States alone most of the marriages start online and there are around 200 million users which are identified as online.

It will also have a separate profile app, which won’t be visible to the network of your friends and won’t reveal any details of your privacy. It will also recommend some of the potential matches based on the dating preferences, common interests and some mutual acquaintances.

It will be free of charge similar on the lines of Facebook and will have various dating details about the various potential partners.

What did Zuckerberg say more?

Zuckerberg said that the app was built from the ground zero and lot of precautions has also been taken care of. The privacy measures were also protected for the same and it was also the firm’s commitment to protect various privacy issues.

Also, the utmost care has been taken so that there are no further data leaks and prevent a repeat of a Cambridge ANALYTICA data scandal.

It will also come up with a new feature such as that of ‘Clear History’ where it can prevent the data and stop from the users from misusing it. It will also review the various applications and aim to screen the profiles thoroughly.









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